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Tips & Freebies

These tutorials are available in my shop for free. Click on the pic to go to the tutorial.

'Vanishing' herringbone start by Kassie Shaw

I also figured out an easier way to start flat herringbone without making a ladder. My tip was originally published in Bead & Button Magazine in June 2010. Shortly after, the Beadworkers Guild included my tip in their Herringbone Module.

Start by threading a stop bead then string on the first row of beads in their correct order as shown in Figure 1. Now string on another "stop bead" and stitch back through the last bead in the row.

Work in herringbone off this first row of beads as shown in Figure 2, tightening the stitches as needed to make the beads move into proper position.

After stitching four or five rows, remove the first stop bead. Then remove the tail from the first row up to the second stop bead and remove that as well. If the piece is not very wide, hold onto the beadwork and pull on the second stop bead, which will pull out the thread from the entire base row. One bead will be loose at this point, but it can easily be re-attached by stitching through the adjacent bead.