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Fee Fi Faux Fun FRAW Bracelet Tutorial

I love right angle weave but it is a very slow stitch. Every unit requires a change in direction from clockwise to counter clockwise and then back again. Fortunately, there's an easier way. Learn how to stitch a fabric of faux right angle weave (FRAW) by following this tutorial.

This project uses right angle weave. Knowledge of the stitch is not required, as each step is explained in detail in the pattern; however, prior knowledge of the stitch is useful. Ability to follow both written instructions and diagrams is also helpful.

Feel free to sell what you make from this pattern; I only ask that you credit Kassie Shaw and/or The Beading Butterfly in any print or online photograph or listing. Please do not make copies of the pattern, teach the project, or mass produce multiples for sale. Assisting others in making the pattern at no charge is acceptable as long as each person purchases a copy of the pattern. If you wish to teach any of my patterns for profit, please contact me to purchase a teaching license and student patterns. No transfer of copyright is implied or intended.

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