What I’ve Done Lately and What’s Coming Next

My latest pattern, Hexes and Os has been posted: http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/hexes-and-os-bracelet-pattern-beadweaving-tutorial

While posting, I realized it had been quite a while since I blogged, so I thought I’d catch you up on what I’ve been doing lately.

Entwined is a Celtic inspired bracelet that uses Layered RAW, which is one of the techniques I explore in my book Beadweaving Beyond the Basics: http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/entwined-bracelet-tutorial-layered-raw-and-faux-craw

Fold Me Up expands on another book project, Fee Fi Faux Fun, which uses a faux RAW technique in a diagonal variation: http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/fold-me-up-bracelet-tutorial-diagonal-faux-right-angle-weave

Another Layered RAW piece that I made for Valentine’s Day is Mon Coeur: http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/mon-coeur-heart-pendant-tutorial-layered-right-angle-weave-lraw

Once in a Blue Moon (this one is available for free): http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/once-in-a-blue-moon-free-tutorial

The first piece in my Shape Shifter collection, Diamond Lattice uses a design technique I love to use (the second variation, Vintage Lace, will be released in April as part of a video series produced by Interweave Press): http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/shape-shifter-diamond-lattice-variation-bracelet-tutorial

Slyther is a sturdy rope using SuperDuos and seed beads: http://beadingbutterfly.com/patterns-tutorials/slyther-beaded-rope-pattern-tutorialComing soon from Interweave (see all of my Interweave products here: http://bit.ly/1Xy2oya) in my 4 part video series are:




and Vintage LaceOne project will be included with each video, which are companions to my book. Each video corresponds to a chapter of the book, except for Shape Shifter, which is a look inside my design technique and how I wrote the book in the first place. There will be a DVD with all 4 videos included, plus kits for Shape Shifter (Vintage Lace).

Finally, one more thing I’m doing soon is an encore presentation of my webinar from last year, Drawing Bead Diagrams in Microsoft Word. That will be on the afternoon of April 19 and you can sign up here: https://www.craftonlineuniversity.com/courses/diy-bead-diagrams-how-to-draw-bead-charts-with-microsoft-word-web-seminar-04-19-2016

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