Claddagh Reversible Tila & Peanut Bracelet

I made these bracelets a while ago, but I was waiting to see if the tutorial would be picked up by Beadwork. They declined, but that means that I can show them off now – plus, the tutorial is now for sale on my website here:

The bracelet’s shape reminds me of a traditional Claddagh band with its diagonal lines and “crown”. It is made with peanut beads and Tilas, and because there are two layers of Tilas, it can be reversible as well.

I did discover that the galvanized Matsuno peanuts do not hold their color, so I would recommend applying a fixative such as Krylon before using. The jury is still out on the ones I’ve sprayed – I think they may need a second coat.

This one isn’t reversible due to the clasp I chose, but I thought it went perfectly with the bracelet’s Celtic theme:

This one is black on one side and metallic green on the other. Again, the galvanized peanuts leave much to be desired, so I hope the Krylon works so that I can make another one.

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5 Responses to Claddagh Reversible Tila & Peanut Bracelet

  1. Nicole says:

    WOW, I can’t believe Beadwork didn’t pick up your bracelet design. It’s so beautiful! They must not have been thinking that day! Your designs are fabulous. I’ll be checking in with you regularly!

  2. This is exactly the 4th posting, of your website I actually checked out.
    Still I personally love this 1, “Claddagh Reversible Tila & Peanut Bracelet |
    The Beading Butterfly” the very best. Thanks ,Jolie

  3. Lois Talbot says:

    I like the reversible black/green bracelet, it looks a little bit antiqueish. So if you can reply to this comment, I can decide if I will purchase the kit since there are no prices listed. Thank you, Lois Talbot

  4. Lois Talbot says:

    Please let me know the cost of this kit or the bracelet itself. I really do like the style of the bracelet plus the clasp is so different I love it. It has an antiqueish look. Thank you Lois Talbot, East Hartford, CT. Cell phone # 1-860-324-4042.

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