Framed Again

I picked up my framed piece today and am much happier with it. The reverse mat eliminated that annoying white line between the beadwork and the mat and the sharpies touched up all of the places that the white interfacing might have shown through due to the piece not being exactly square. The museum glass I decided to buy makes it very difficult to tell that there is even glass over the beadwork.  

Now, I am waiting to hear from Bead & Button about whether or not I got into Bead Dreams this year. I wonder how they will be contacting people?
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5 Responses to Framed Again

  1. coral-seas says:

    You were right to ask the framer to redo the mount, it is much better without the white showing.

    I have take a piece of Japanese Embroidery to the framer this weekend, he advised me to go with Museum quality glass. It is far more expensive that regular glass. Are you pleased with it? Is there any colour distortion? I’m thinking for the amount of time and cost of materials that go into JE, it might be worth going the extra mile with the framing.


  2. Beading Butterfly says:

    I knew I wanted museum glass, so I didn’t even get a quote without it… I’m not sure how much more expensive it was. But it was sooooo worth it. I can’t even tell the glass is there most of the time and I don’t notice any color distortion either. For the amount of work that went into this piece, I didn’t even think twice about spending the extra bucks for the best stuff.

  3. Living in the Garden says:

    These are beautiful,
    leaves are my favorite image.

  4. freebird says:

    It’s worth every minute you put into it! Super piece of beading. It looks so nice framed too. That makes it really, really done.

  5. Oh MY! My little “beader in training” (my daughter) and I were just talking about fall leaves today and this is splendid. Yes, I’m a bit more of an embroiderer than a beader, but still – it’s gorgeous!

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