Flat Spiral Bracelets

These 2 bracelets were made at the bead retreat last weekend. They are flat spiral weaves and are so fast and easy! I gave the blue one (made with Swarovski crystals, Toho beads, and a Swarovski button clasp) to the retreat hostess as a gift. The red and gold one is made with Czech firepolished glass beads and 24k Charlottes.
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3 Responses to Flat Spiral Bracelets

  1. Kate says:

    Hi – these are beautiful! Did you design them yourself or did you use a pattern? If so, I would love to try one myself! Please let me know. Thanks so much. Kate.

  2. Beading Butterfly says:

    They are a variation of spiral stitch… it's not really a pattern as much as it is a kind of stitch. I didn't use these instructions, but I found some here: http://www.lirigal.com/BeadingInstruction.aspx?user=Liri&itemid=14&plang=en&


  3. Lilith says:

    These are beautiful! What kind of string did you use for them?

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