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Fire (2nd Quarter BJP) Update

Well, not as much progress as I’d hoped, but it’s better than none!

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silken swirls of soft shadowscling to her gossamer wingsas she stretches and soarsher secret flightknown only to the sunlightthat surreptitiously beckons her the silent woodher stalwart sanctuaryslowlysurprisinglyshares with her its strengthand she surrenders to her destiny

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Faerie’s Kiss

he touches her faceleaving faerie dust in her hairthe softness of his breathwarming her skin silently he unfolds her wingsfrom their hiding placebehind her backgently waking her to her true self

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DeviantART Daily Deviation!!

The first quarter of my 2007 BJP was given a Daily Deviation at DeviantART! There are many things being posted to DeviantART every day (about 1 per second or so). Each day, about 20 Daily Deviations are chosen to be … Continue reading

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who am i?

i am a blank slatethe past has been erasedthe shadows of the chalkleaving cloudy smears behind i wonder if i have the guts nowto write what i want orif i’ll continue to writewhat other people expect of me

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"Fire" Progress Update

Going to start working on this again tonight. Looking forward to finishing the outside so I can start on the flames inside. “Water” is next, and I’m looking forward to using lots of blues again.

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walking on the ledgewatching the sun rise to meet me brilliant fire streaking across the skyscorching my breath wake me upburn my fearerase my pain walking on the ledgereaching out to touch the sun radiant energy searing through metearing down … Continue reading

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hold my handas we follow our heartsand the footprints of our Faith we give our soulsto the grace of Godand trust in His desire swallow sorrow and regretwash our hands of doubtfill our eyes with light with His radiance illuminating … Continue reading

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You hold me closewhen i cry in desperation You let me gowhen i am scared to stay You show me the pathwhen i am lost and alone You bring me homewhen i finally submit to Your will

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she screams desperately inside her headno one hears her therethe noise is deafening was the silence better? ————————————————— sometimes, my poems don’t accurately reflect my feelings – i imagine them worse and the words come. i read the words back … Continue reading

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